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<b>Koala Phone</b> is a simple mobile system. You can control your phone without glasses. You will never do any mistake again thanks to the large keyboard and readable texts.

This application is focused for easy calling and messaging and also contains specially designed apps like the camera, gallery, alarm and flashlight. You can simply run other apps directly from the Koala Phone menu.

<b>Focused on calling and messaging</b>

You can see big photos of your favorite contacts and write numbers on a large dialer.

<b>Big ABC and QWERTY keyboard</b>

Write messages easily like on the old mobile phones or PC keyboard.

<b>Special easy to use applications</b>

Use touch optimised apps like the camera, gallery, alarm and flashlight.


Dictate sms by your voice. You can feel vibrating touch response of buttons.


Choose one of seven color skins of the app, or use your own background image. You can increase the size of a text and turn up contrast for more comfortable use without glasses. If you hold your finger at any text, the app will read you the text aloud.

Even less advanced users can give their families know about them thanks to the SOS function with GPS. Your personalization preferences can be protected by locking settings with a password. You can enjoy this app at 30 languages as well as our 20 000 users.


For setting Koala Phone as the main interface, press the "Home" button on your phone and select Koala Phone. You can return back to original system in Koala Phone's settings.

Available in 30 languages: arabic, bahasa Indonesia, bahasa Melayu, čeština, dansk, deutsch, english, español, français, galego, hrvatski, italiano, japanese (sold separately), latviešu, magyar, nederlands, norsk, polski, português, română, slovenčina, slovenščina, suomi, svenska, türkçe, vietnamese, ελληνικά, български, русский, српски језик

Help us translate Koala Phone to your language: https://crowdin.com/project/koala-phone-senior-launcher

<b>MORE INFO</b>

Visit our website: http://koalaphone.com/

Become a Facebook fan: http://facebook.com/koalaphone

Information for media: http://bit.ly/koalaphone</br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br>

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Android 4.0.1 - 4.0.2+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Tomas Slavicek
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